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We always find that it is very important to maintain our Customer’s privacy. This Document contains all the information on privacy policy that we hold and follow whenever our Customer uses QuickBooksDownloads.com. We also maintain high standards of fairness, decency and integrity in all terms and operations. QuickBooksDownloads.com is dedicated to customer’s privacy.

Collection of Personal Information by Us

We collect personal information of our customer, from our customers under certain conditions.

  • When the user is ready to register itself for the software or range of services that are offered by QuickBooksDownloads.com.
  • Information received in response of the communication we had with our user.
  • Renewal of any product/services. Customer joining for the first time.
  • There are very less instances when we collect information like financial details or the details of the product that the users are using.

How We Use The Information?

  • The main purpose of the information that we collect from our customers is to get in touch with our customers and communicate about the products and services that we provide. The communication is completely related to software updates and upgrades, enhancements and features or any specific problem or issue that has been detected and what are the resolutions to fix the issues.
  • In case of affiliate programs and partners, we use this information to develop a partner profile so that the future offerings may be developed with future participants.
  • In case financial information is requested from any party who wish to resale of software on credit term, this information can be used to check credit checking and referencing.

Information Access to Our Users

If the user would like to have any personal information or would like to correct any information that we have, you can contact us as follows.

Our Website: QuickBooksDownloads.com

Our Toll-Free Number:  +1-800-578-7184

Our Website:

Our Website uses “Cookies” Technology. It is a piece of information where the website transfers on particular’s hard disk to keep record. User’s web surfing becomes easy once all your passwords, preferences and purchases are saved while you are on the website.

Our Storage Information system:

We use database system and electronic computer management system to store all personal information. Only authorized users have access to this information and we ensure protection and integration of all the information that we have of our customers.

Third Party Service Provider:

We are the third party service provider of the QuickBooks and we promote our company through advertisement on other web pages and portals. Those web pages may our customer’s information (it does not include name, e-mail address, residential address and telephone number) in order to provide goods and services to our customers.

General Privacy Policy:

If you have any query or you need any information with relation to privacy management that we carry about our customers. If you want more information about General privacy, you can contact us on our Toll-Free Number that we have mentioned above. Similarly, you can contact us on above channels for any issues related to Privacy Policy.

Call Now: +1800-578-7184