Track Expenses in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, costs acquired for a Customer or Job are recorded as bills that are payable to Vendors. Costs are related with a Vendor and additionally a Customer:Job, and can be utilized for charging and repayment.

It is important to track expenses in QuickBooks and there can be multiple ways to do so. Let us check out the best possible ways to track expenses in QuickBooks:

Handling Expenses in QuickBooks:

  • Enter your expenses
  • In the expense account which has to be chosen enter the name of the customer and check the “billable” box.
  • Save and tap close.
  • At the time of invoice creation, open the invoice and enter the name of the customer.
  • The screen would prompt that the customer has left over costs. Add it to your invoice and tap OK
  • On the next visual you will find all the left over expenses for the customer.
  • When you return on the invoice database. The expenses would have been automatically added to the customers invoice.

Using Class tracking in QuickBooks

Class tracking is a new and fascinating technique to track expenses in QuickBooks. The user can modify the search tracking option as per the requirements in the class tracking visual.


  • In the main QuickBooks page select Edit > preferences > Accounting
  • Click company preferences > Use class tracking.
  • Select OK to enable class tracking
  • In the class lists menu, set up your needful accounts and expenses.
  • Select New to make a new class. You can utilize this class to record any expense of your preference.
  • Enter your class name and further create sub class to enter the information in the given fields.
  • For every particular expense you can assign one class. You can enter the information of the expense for every other expense in a separate class to track down your expenses.

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